Wednesday 25th Nov 2020

How to Build Your Business Development Machine Webinar

And you know you need to work on your business development ongoing, but when you get busy it can be tricky.

Knowing your products, services and experience well can sometimes mean that you get too close to it and you may not have the resources and/or time.

Ensuring you stand out by reaching new customers, as well as supporting prospecting channels, generating leads and executing campaigns, all feeding into your pipeline management.

In this session, build your business development machine so you can:

Communicate your offering effectively and consistently
Get heard and cut through the marketing noise
Pursue low risk growth with bold new strategies
Return your efforts from prospecting, lead generation and pipeline management
Streamline and simplify complicated products or services

Join Sara Nemer from White Label BD and Wendy Perry, Managing Director at Workforce BluePrint, and Entrepreneurship Facilitator at Switch Start Scale, to break down the parts of the machine to see that your sales pipeline is healthy and always active.

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Wednesday 25th Nov 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Online Event
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